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Roof panels – what is worth knowing about them?

Although roof panels are primarily used to build various types of production or warehouse halls, they are also more and more often chosen as a roof covering for a single-family house. If you are actually considering the use of such technology, learn as much detail as possible about it before accepting it. So what are such discs, and what are their most important advantages?

What should you know about roof panels?

So where should you start gaining knowledge about roof panels? First of all, you should find out what are the most popular types, which of course result from the material of their core.
Sandwich panels, as they are often called, can have a core of:

– polyurethane – the advantages are high temperature resistance, fire resistance,

– polystyrene – the distinguishing features are low weight, good price, high resistance to damage,

– mineral wool – excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities. It is permeable to water vapor and is also resistant to mold and fungi.

Basic parameters of roof panels

As you can see, there is a really large number of different types of solutions available on the market. It is now worth finding out why the subject of such roof panels should be of interest at all. What are their most important advantages?
First of all, you need to know that these types of plates are characterized by a really great resistance to mechanical damage. What’s more, they are very durable, they warm the building well, and in the appropriate version they can contribute to soundproofing the building. Of course, they are completely non-flammable and can also protect against fire in some variants.
What else makes such albums worth being interested in? It is worth mentioning here that they are quite cheap to buy, easy to install, and also widely available, so you can install them shortly after purchase.

Where can they be used in a single-family home?

Since you already know what such boards are and why they should be used, it is now worth finding out in which specific places they can be used when it comes to single-family housing.
Many people believe that they can only be used on roofs, but this is a mistake. These types of panels are also great as a façade finish, as well as internal protection of ceilings or a structural element of partition walls. Great appearance and quick assembly make this type of element more and more often used not only in industrial buildings, but also in families.

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